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LEAN and Robotic Process Automation implementation

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Our mission is to support your digital transformation, by eliminating non-value-add tasks and automating mundane repetitive activities in your organisation, thus freeing up your people to focus on value-add and customer-facing activities.

We achieve this through a partnership approach, delivering advisory and training services in Operational Excellence and Robotic Process Automation, to build your capability and enable you achieve more successful outcomes’

LEAN and RPA experts - About Us

Operational Excellence Approach: Lean Robotics engages your workforce to unlock the full potential of your organisations talent, processes and technology to deliver sustainable results through fit for purpose solutions.

TJ Scally, LEAN and RPA Expert

TJ is a Business Consultant and Master Black Belt with over 20 years experience primarily within the Financial Services Industry. His primary focus areas are Operational Excellence, Leading Transformation Programmes, Risk and Operating Model Design, Team Leadership, LEAN Six Sigma, Intelligent Automation, M&A, Strategy and Programme Management. He has worked with FS clients across Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Paul Gillen, LEAN and RPA Expert

Paul is a Business Consultant with 20 years cross-industry expertise in Operational Excellence, LEAN Six Sigma Deployments, Robotic Process Automation Training and Change Management. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering & Computer Technologies. Paul is a qualified trainer (QQI), holds Black Belts in both LEAN & Six Sigma and Post Grad HDip in Lean systems management from the University of Limerick.

Paul Duffy, LEAN and RPA Expert

Lead RPA Solutions Designer with 18 years' engineering and technology industry experience. Background includes IC (microchip) Design Engineering, Programming, Automation, AI and Product Development. Highly experienced Automation Developer and is Advanced Certified in UiPath RPA. Exemplary educational qualifications includes a BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering. Skills in process engineering, redesign, change management and implementing Lean principles in Automations.

Advisory Service Offerings, LEAN and RPA in London and Ireland

Intelligent Automation using LEAN and RPA

  • Digital Strategy and Transformation
  • RPA Opportunity Identification and Prioritisation
  • Designing and Creating an RPA Centre of Excellence
  • RPA Business Case Creation and Return on Investment
  • RPA Software Selection and Coding/Development
  • Health Check of your current RPA Programme
  • Future Technologies e.g. Artificial Intelligence
  • Training – RPA Sponsor, Business Analyst and Developer

Operational Excellence using LEAN and RPA

  • End-to-end Customer Journey Design and Mapping
  • Process Transformation - waste Identification and Elimination
  • Process Documentation and Process Library Creation
  • Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, Kaizen ...
  • LEAN Maturity Assessment
  • Productivity Improvement / Capacity Creation
  • Support with Statistical Analysis, JMP or Minitab
  • Training and Coaching – Yellow Belt to Master Black Belt

Industries suitable for LEAN and RPA transformation:

We work with clients across all industry sectors, including Financial Services, Health, Technology, Retail, Recruitment, Utilities ....

Functions suitable for LEAN and RPA transformation:

Typically we find significant benefits in Operations, Finance, Risk, Technology, HR and Marketing functions across all organisations

Use Cases for LEAN and RPA solutions:

Sample RPA use-cases include Accounts Payable, Payments, Reconciliations, Time and Attendance, Account Opening, Data Migration ...

LEAN and Robotics Use Cases

monetization_onFinancial Services

Audit Reports

Use RPA to identify, source and collate all data elements from multiple systems and prepare into a standard format to support annual Audit Requests. This automation can significantly reduce repetitive non-value add activities

Credit Card Fraud Chargebacks

Make automated redress payments to customers in line with PSD2 rules

Sanctions Screening

Reduce the risk of releasing a payment which should have been held. Manual checks are prone to error and replacing manual checking with automated checking significantly reduces risk for the bank


More ...

Automate the Foreign Currency payments process by migrating customers to Digital Forms thus creating structured data input. Where this isn’t possible, using OCR to convert unstructured data to structured. Then use RPA to validate the payment quality, key into appropriate payments platform and automate the confirmation process

Financial Reporting

Streamline your month end financial reports with speed and 100% accuracy

Customer Records Management

Maintain your customer records consistently across all your systems. With your data automated and synchronized across systems, you can put your focus on your customers wellbeing

Customer Onboarding

Simplify your customer onboarding process including Know your Customer, Credit Checks or Data transfer

Account Opening/Switching/Closing

Use Digitisation to create structured data input and use RPA to key appropriate information into core banking platform and supporting systems. This can significantly reduce the turnaround time for new account opening and deliver a superior customer experience

Annual Renewals

Automate and streamline your annual renewals cycle

Claims Verification

Automate the checking and approval of your incoming customer claims and automate customer communication


Legacy System Enablement

Use your legacy systems efficiently by automating interactions and improving accuracy so you can focus on your customers

Debt Recovery

Collect missed taxes and fees from your citizens. Virtual workers do the chasing when a payment is missed — giving you confidence your debts are retrieved

Application for Services

Automate how new services are applied for and activated on behalf of the customer

Compliance and Audit Requirements

Consistently deliver compliant and accurate reporting and audit requirements while keeping costs low


Policy Administration

Let your staff put your customer care first, while your policies are administered by intelligent automation

Claims Management

Accurately process claims by intelligently automating the referencing of policy entitlement, rules based resolution or approval escalations

Fraud Prevention

Automate analysis of your fraud and data checks for unusual behaviour so you can protect your customers

Expenses Management

Use Digital and RPA to develop an automated end to end process to for your employees and customers to submit expenses saving significant time and reducing errors for those involved

wb_incandescentEnergy & Utilities


Compile, manage and process capacity metering and reporting accurately and instantly

Billing and Settlements

Manage your customers in a fair and consistent way by automating payment requests, processing and correcting overcharges

Compliance and Reporting

Consistently deliver compliant and accurate reporting while keeping costs low

Marketing Campaigns

Analyse customer insights, generate marketing lists and deliver sales material direct to your customers

Customer Queries

Respond to customer queries using Natural Language processing (NLP) thus significantly improving your speed of response and removing non value add activities


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LEAN and RPA Training

This is our classroom-based Training Course schedule for the next 3 months. Please drop us an email to if you are interested in attending.

Click any of the course titles to read the learning objectives. We are proud to be an approved partner of both UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

‘If you are about to commence an RPA journey, having attended the RPA Business Analysis Course in August of last year, I would highly recommend the RPA training courses offered by LEAN Robotics. Paul & TJ's knowledge on the subject matter presented is second to none’
‘Excellent content and presentation skills with engaging insights’
‘This was an excellent course that really helped with my knowledge in this area’
‘I got a good understanding of the RPA concepts. The training was conversational and very engaging’
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April 2020

Ireland flag Dublin
UiPath Build your first Bot – Developer Training
5 days
Mon 20 to Fri 24 Apr 2020
€ 1,950
UK flag London
RPA Introductory and Sponsor Training
1 day
Mon 13 Apr 2020
£ 550
UK flag London
RPA Business Analyst Training
3 days
Tue 14 to Thu 16 Apr 2020
£ 1,250

Course details

RPA Introductory and Sponsor Training

Target Audience

RPA Introductory and Sponsor Training

Learning Objectives / Course Outline

  • The Digital Workforce provides the competitive edge – background to RPA
  • Protecting your investment – alignment of RPA with other transformation and change levers
  • Business and IT considerations (front and back office)
  • Typical applications of RPA and sample case studies
  • How to design, create and build an RPA Centre of Excellence
  • Typical roles within an RPA Centre of Excellence
  • Understanding common challenges with RPA and how to avoid them
  • Overview of the Top 3 RPA software products – UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism
  • The Future of Intelligent Automation – iOCR, ML and IA

Course availability

RPA Business Analyst Training

Target Audience

RPA Business Analyst Training

Learning Objectives / Course Outline

  • General understanding of Robotic Process Automation
  • Selecting the appropriate lever – alignment of RPA with other transformation and change levers
  • Organisation – BA’s role in the end-end solution design, build, test and deploy
  • Framework for selecting and prioritising processes and tasks for automation
  • Designing an RPA Business Case
  • Mapping an RPA candidate process (Value Stream Mapping overview)
  • Completing Initial Process Assessment (IPA) and Process Design Documents (PDD)
  • Understanding Attended versus Unattended Robotics

Course availability

  • Tue 14 to Thu 16 Apr 2020, London - Register

UiPath Build your first Bot – Developer Training

Target Audience

UiPath Build your first Bot – Developer Training

Learning Objectives / Course Outline

  • Understand the components of UiPath software – Process Studio, Orchestrator, Bots
  • Outline of the technical architecture
  • Building an automation solution – coding of tasks and processes
  • Building automations for everyday challenges
  • Testing and debugging of RPA solutions
  • Considerations for moving solution into production environment
  • Managing change control and control room functionality
  • Understand security and privacy approaches and considerations

Course availability

  • Mon 20 to Fri 24 Apr 2020, Dublin - Register

LEAN for Services

Target Audience

LEAN for Services

Learning Objectives / Course Outline

  • Details coming soon

Course availability

Sorry, we have not published any dates for this course at present. Please contact us

LEAN Bootcamp

Target Audience

LEAN Bootcamp

Learning Objectives / Course Outline

  • Details coming soon

Course availability

Sorry, we have not published any dates for this course at present. Please contact us

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Target Audience

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learning Objectives / Course Outline

  • Details coming soon

Course availability

Sorry, we have not published any dates for this course at present. Please contact us